Mali: So what else did you expect?

The French media has been busily reporting horrific stories of reprisals by the Malian Army against those suspected of aiding the rebel forces, or just being of the wrong ethnic group. Now, apparently, the first doubts are being raised over the wisdom of the French intervention. But what did they expect?
Now, according to the BBC, the UN’s “anti-genocide envoy” (who probably doesn’t have a lot to do anyway) has said he is “deeply disturbed” by reports of summary executions in towns that have been recaptured.
Those who have warned against thoughtless “humanitarian intervention” over the years, and been roundly abused as a result, have always said that this kind of thing would happen. Intervention means having to say you are sorry for the crimes of those you support, not to mention being legally responsible for them as well.
Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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