As the 21st century starts to age, it seems increasingly that we are not living in the real world at all, but in a virtual construct based on one of those 1960s or 1970s Soviet propaganda magazines about the evils of capitalism. More and more, our elites resemble long-term, deep-penetration KGB agents, given a generations-long task of destroying the capitalist system both physically and as a set of ideas. Its actually quite hard to explain the current behaviour by any other hypothesis than that they are trying to show that everything Marx said was true. Even stupidity, whilst no doubt present in large doses, isn’t enough of an explanation.

Which brings us to Cyprus. Now there is nothing new about robbing the poor to pay the rich: that has been standard practice for the last generation or so. But here it looks as though the plan is to rob the modestly prosperous to give to the super-rich. Surely, only an elite with an actual death-wish, or with orders from Moscow, would turn on their natural political supporters and give them a kick in the teeth. Is there another answer?


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