Thatcher: the witch is dead

If it’s true that those whom the gods love die young, then someone up there must have really had it in for Thatcher. If so, they have good taste

Thatcher destroyed the England I grew up in, turning it progressively into a surreal Disneyland, half brothel, half car-boot sale, where everything and everyone was for sale, and where money was the only way of valuing anything.

She didn’t do this alone, of course. Elected leader of the Tory Party by mistake, she never had the intelligence or political skills to change very much on her own. But she opened the door to the hard-faced men who had come to loot the state, and handed the keys of the asylum over to the monetarist lunatics who had previously been kept in padded cells. We are still living with the consequences, and it’s hard to see how we will ever repair the damage.

Perhaps her death will be a kind of symbolic liberation for the country. One hopes she died lonely, frightened, and full of regret and repentance. Was she visited , in her last moments, by the souls of those whose lives she had destroyed? It would be nice to think so?


One thought on “Thatcher: the witch is dead

  1. I agree . Reagan-Thatcher, disco music, the world didn’t please me at all from the 80s . I often went to England by this time, and I remember clearly people couldn’t stand Thatcher’s attacks against average people’s life . Elections were approaching, and it seemed obvious Britain would sack the witch . Then a group of fascists generals in Argentina had an idea to unite their slaves : what about regaining the Malvinas ? And, to my absolute surprise, a wave invaded British minds, and they re-elected the Wall Street’s henchwoman ( woman?) . I coudn’t believe that, for a nonsensical war, the people could forgive ( forget?) the destruction of Britain as a civilised country . All my mates were living in social flats, and she sold all of them .
    I often wondered which part Al Capone’s Pentagon had played in the concretisation of the Argentinians generals idea, knowing what I learnt about the trick the CIA had used to push Saddam into his invasion of Koweit, about the trick Johnson used to make the Viet-Nam war acceptable ( Pentagon Files anyone ?), about any war which led to Wall Street’s profit in the last 120 years . Without Thatcher’s help, the planned third-worldization of every civilised country would have been less easy, and this incredible Argentinian bullshit has actually been a great help for the gangsters who lead the world .
    Where can we change the direction we’re heading ?

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