Obama: Cowardice as a strategy

I don’t take that much of an interest in American politics, but it suddenly struck me, on reading about Obama’s latest defeat (on ways of stopping mass killings, I think) that there was a huge contrast between the determined, ruthless pursuer of power, and the spineless weakling who was afraid to use it. The contrast is so blatant, in fact, that it can’t be accidental: it must be cowardice as strategy. Why?

I suspect that Obama is just an extreme case of the problem the Left has everywhere. It has sold its soul, abandoned its beliefs, and now simply asks; from time to time, to be allowed to be in office. It asks, very nicely, if it can have the cars, the nice offices, the prestige and the money that will follow departure from government, and the powers that be shrug their shoulders, and say, why not, can’t do any harm to let them play with the toys for a bit.

Will Obama go down in history as the man who was too weak ever to stand up?


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