That Obama speech in full …

…. in case you missed it.

“My fellow Americans

For several generations now, America has been charging around the world, invading other countries, overthrowing governments, starting wars, kidnapping, torturing and murdering people. We regard this as entirely normal behaviour, but there are some evil people out there who have taken a dislike to us as a result, though they have no right to do so.

I have given orders to have them all killed.

Of course, some other evil people may dislike the fact that I have had the first set of evil people killed.

I will give orders to have them all killed as well.

I will also give orders for the killing of anyone else who dislikes the fact that we are killing so many people.

Finally, when everyone who dislikes us killing people has been killed themselves, and there is nobody left to kill, we will be safe.

Thank you and goodnight.”


One thought on “That Obama speech in full …

  1. How much of what you describe in the first paragraph has happened on Obama’s watch? Relatively little, compared to previous U.S. administrations. Obama hasn’t invaded any countries, though he did do the so-called ‘surge’ in Afghanistan. He now says he wants to cut back on drone strikes, one of the most objectionable aspects of his policies to date, and make the criteria more transparent. That should be welcomed, I would have thought, rather than ridiculed in the manner of this post.

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