Egypt: if you can’t get it right, at least be interestingly wrong

Conforming to the verified historical truth that no idea can ever be regarded as definitively exploded until it has been embraced by the post-Blair British Labour Party, here is Mr Blair himself in today’s “Observer” defending the military coup in Cairo. Those who thought that Mr Blair might accidentally say something sensible may be relieved to know that he’s his usual facile, incurious, clichĂ©-intensive self, and that he thinks that the Army had no choice. “It was intervention or chaos” he helpfully explains, continuing his habit not of just being wrong (which we all are from time to time) but being wrong in an unimaginative and conventional way.

This evident dislike of chaos may come as a surprise to those who remember Mr Blair’s very active pursuit of chaos in several countries during his tenure – Kosovo and Iraq come most readily to mind.

It’s true that Mr Blair went through public school Oxford and the Bar, which is what the British upper classes do instead of an education, but did he never, one wonders, study any history? Does he not realise that this is the excuse of every tin-pot dictator since, oh, whenever?

“Military rule or chaos”. Pinochet could not have said it better.


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