For Europe Against Communism

Anybody recognise where this quotation comes from?

“For the last two and one-half years the bitter and costly struggle against Communism has made the utmost demands upon the bulk of our military resources and energies. This commitment was in keeping with the seriousness of the danger, and the over-all situation. The situation has since changed…..The commanders in chief of the services,  will guard against wasting time and energy in useless jurisdictional squabbles, and will direct all their efforts toward strengthening our defensive and offensive power.”

I’ve cheated, of course, because I’ve changed “Bolshevism” to “Communism”. But this is, in case you didn’t realise it, a quotation from Fuhrer Directive No 51, issued over Adolf Hitler’s signature exactly 70 years ago today. The unnerving correspondence between the rhetoric of the Nazis and their sympathisers about “Bolshevism,” and the Cold War rhetoric about “Communism” has never been mentioned in polite society, because it’s too embarrassing. With the passage of time, I suspect, there’ll be even less interest in those who fought, as the French collaborationist government described it in 1942 “For Europe Against Communism”.

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