Ukraine: wah! wah! want! want!

I’d be the first to agree that international crises are often more complicated than we are willing to admit. But sometimes they are also a lot simpler. Take the Ukraine for example.

This is only a crisis in the western (and particularly American) political psyche. It’s not a crisis in the real world. To understand why that is so, we need to remember that most of those in Washington who are influential in foreign policy were born in the 1960s, when permissive parenting was all the rage, and children were allowed (and even encouraged) to do and to have exactly what they wanted. Nothing is worse, and more unacceptable, than for such a generation than to be told there’s something they cannot have: like the Ukraine.

Since the end of the Cold War, when this generation started to come to positions of power, the US has been like a big boy in a toyshop with their father’s Platinum Amex card: able to have everything they want, and capable of taking it by violence if necessary. Now, there’s Putin, the grim Russian parent, whose probably did not get everything he wanted in his youth, telling them that they can’t have the Ukraine, no matter how much they shout and scream.

Never mind, they’ll get over it. Children do.


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